10 Best Lexus Colors

August 5th, 2016 by

The Lexus model line-up today offers some of the best colors every made by Lexus hands-down.  The Lexus passion for design along with their industry-leading knowledge has culminated in the creation of these colors and every Lexus color features stories and processes as unique as their hues.  Lexus explains the process and the art of creating one of our top 10 best colors, Eminent White Pearl…

…it was inspired by and created specifically to mimic the color and appearance of snow on the hills of Hokkaido,  Japan.  It’s an effect not left to chance, which is why Lexus sources pigment from a company in Osaka- one that’s been perfecting its craft for 98 years and counting.  It’s also why every Lexus painting facility features indoor waterfalls to trap and wash airborne dust particles away so they don’t inconspicuously mar the vehicle’s finish.  Even science plays a role.  Lexus created a technique that more uniformly aligns the angles of the reflective particles in paint to better accentuate the vehicle lines.  Then mapped the motions of arguably the most gifted automotive painter in the world in order to have robots duplicate his craft on every Lexus vehicle.  Because the only thing more important than creating a stunning work of art is making sure each is as stunning as the last.”

Eminent White Pearl RX

Playing Favorites: Top 10 Lexus Colors

#1  Eminent White Pearl

The new Eminent White Pearl, inspired by the snow covered hills in Hokkaido, is one of our picks for top 10 best Lexus colors.  Eminent White Pearl is on some of the most popular Lexus models and if you haven’t yet seen a Lexus NX in Eminent White driving on a dark night then go ahead and add that to your next “to-do” list.

Eminent White Pearl.png

#2  UltraSonic Blue Mica 2.0

When Lexus announced one of the new colors for 2015 was going to be “UltraSonic Blue 2.0” we couldn’t help but laugh.  Since when did a color get a next generation and was the  “2.0” really necessary to include in the color name?  It wasn’t until we got to see the new UltraSonic Blue 2.0 that we understood.  This is an evolution.  Lexus perfected their UltraSonic Blue and ended up producing a whole new animal.  UltraSonic Blue 2.0 is definitely worthy of it’s name and is one of the exclusive new F SPORT colors available from Lexus.  The evolved UltraSonic Blue 2.0 will be available for the first time on the 2017 Lexus CT200h that is arriving soon at North Park Lexus at Dominion!

UltraSonic Blue 2.0

#3  Liquid Platinum

The next pick for Top 10 Lexus Colors is Liquid Platinum.  Liquid Platinum is an exclusive silver that is found on the Lexus LS460, GS, GS F and RC F.  Liquid Platinum was one of the first colors that had a story so incredible we just had to repeat it to every guest wanting to see the LS in “silver”.  Trust us, this is no ordinary silver…

Liquid Platinum

#4  Matador Red Mica

Matador Red Mica is “that red” most Lexus owners request and since Lexus keeps bringing it back after taking it away for a model year or two, we think it’s one of Lexus’ favorite colors too.

Matador Red Mica

#5  Ultra White

Yes, another white, but this white is the “ultra” version which means it is exclusive to the head turning F SPORT models.  We don’t know if it is the amazing contrast provided by the black F SPORT badging or our drinking of the Lexus kool-aid that has everyone captivated by Ultra White, but we like it- a lot.

Ultra White

#6  Nebula Gray Pearl

If you haven’t heard, gray is the new black.  Nebula Gray Pearl is one of those colors that looks good on everyone and every model.  You can’t go wrong with Nebula Gray.

Nebula Gray Pearl

#7  Nightfall Mica

Nightfall Mica is one of the new colors for 2016 and it quickly became a fan favorite.  Classic dark blue that hits all the right notes when the sun hits the lines of the lucky Lexus wearing this new “it-color” of the season.

Nightfall Mica

#8  Caviar Mica

In search of the perfect black, we think Lexus finally has a winner.  Caviar Mica is the perfect blend of Obsidian’s deep black hue and the mica flake from Stargazer Pearl.  Classic, sexy and forgiving.  This is the perfect black.

Caviar Mica

#9  Atomic Silver

Atomic Silver is one of those colors you just can’t get out of your head after seeing it.  This is the color for anyone wanting to show off the lines of their Lexus without having to worry about constant upkeep.  Atomic Silver is our “go-to” color for anyone wanting something different and memorable- in a good way.  This new color is without a doubt one of our best selling and most popular picks by our Lexus guests.  We can’t wait to see the new 2017 Lexus RX in Atomic Silver as soon as it arrives!

Atomic Silver

#10  Infrared

Infrared is our pick for best Lexus color.  Infrared is dynamic and always camera ready.  Worth every extra penny…

Infrared RC

What’s your favorite Lexus color?  Did your pick make our list?  Upload and share your favorite Lexus colors or email us at [email protected]  To check out all of the colors available from Lexus, head over to our website at www.nplexusdominion.com or stop by to see them in person at our Lexus dealership in San Antonio, Texas!