10 Best Voice Commands

October 21st, 2015 by

10BestVoiceRepeat after me…

 1.)  “I’m Hungry”

Simple, but effective.  Press and release the Voice Command icon on your steering wheel, then after the beep simply state, “I’m hungry.”  Your Navigation Screen will light up with icons representing every restaurant and fast food chain in the area.

2.)  “Go Home”

Maybe you’re a little lost or maybe you just want the quickest route for getting you home.  “Go Home” is one of the best short-cut voice commands available.  *Just make sure your home or nearby intersection is programmed in your car’s navigation system for it to work.*

3.)  “Zoom Out”

Need a better view?  You can zoom out or zoom in on the map as you are driving by simply pressing the voice command icon, waiting for the beep and repeating after me: “Zoom Out.”

Navigation Screen4.) “Delete Destination”

Know where you’re going or want your Lexus tour guide to stop telling you which way to turn?  Press the voice command button then say “Delete Destination” so to remove the destination you no longer need help in finding.

5.)  “Show Traffic”

Need to see the current traffic situation but not on the MAP screen?  Press the voice command button and say, “Show Traffic” to bring up the map and display real-time traffic.*

6.)  “Launch <insert preferred APP>”

App Suite

Quickly launch Pandora, Slacker Radio, Bing or any other APP from the Lexus Enform App Suite without taking your eyes off the road.

7.)  “Show Recent Calls”

Need to call someone back that isn’t saved in your phone book?  No worries!  Press the voice command button, wait for the beep and say, “Show Recent Calls.”  Your recent calls (even the ones made before getting into the car) will display.

8.)  “Play Artist <insert favorite artist’s name here>”

Need to hear your favorite artist, singer or songwriter?  Tell Voice Command (after the beep) to “Play ____” and all songs from your preferred artist will pull up for you to enjoy.

9.)  “Cooler”

It gets pretty warm in South Texas!  If you need to cool down, press the voice command button, wait for the beep, then say, “Cooler” to lower your AC temp.

10.)  “Destination Assist”

When in doubt, leave it to the professionals!  Available through Lexus Enform, Destination Assist connects you to a live response-center agent that is ready to help you 24/7.


Want more?  Stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion for a personal demonstration on how to use your voice command system.

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