2017 Lexus Favorites

October 19th, 2016 by

Although we haven’t seen any major changes for 2017, Lexus has refreshed and updated the majority of the model line-up.  Below is a collection of our favorite Lexus looks for 2017.


New Colors


Atomic Silver RX450h F SPORT

The 2017 RX introduced a new color: Atomic Silver and it is already a fan favorite.  Atomic Silver is sleek and extremely forgiving.  This new Lexus color disguises any dirt and grime while brilliantly highlighting all the lines new Lexus RX.  We’re in love.


Not to be outdone, the 2017 NX also introduces a new color: UltraSonic Blue 2.0.


The arriving-any-day-now 2017 GS will also bring back one of the best Lexus colors: Smokey Granite Mica.


Smokey Granite Mica 2017 Lexus GS

New Standard Features


2017 NX200t with Scout GPS Link

New features, especially new standard features, are always welcome.  Turning the dial on the 2017 Lexus models with updated Display Audio showcases one of our favorite new, standard features: Scout GPS Link.


2017 RC200t F SPORT with Scout GPS Link

SGL-AUG-015 (10)


2017 Lexus ES with Scout GPS Link

New Collaborations


New for 2017, Lexus is bringing us new collaborations… the 2017 LX is now available with both the Cool Box and Rear Seat Entertainment System.  No longer do you have to choose one over the other.   You can now enjoy big screen entertainment and keep your beverages cool at the same time.


New Kicks


2017 NX200t with new 18-inch wheels

The new 18-inch wheel option available on the 2017 NX200t has everyone taking notice.  These new kicks are this season’s Must-Have accessory.


Silver Lining Metallic 2017 NX200t


The new wheels on the 2017 GX Sport Design aren’t bad either…



2017 GX Luxury with Sport Design


Nebula Gray 2017 GX with Sport Design

What’s your favorite 2017 Lexus look?  Upload and share or check out all the new arrivals for the 2017 model line-up online here.