Customize Your Lexus

July 16th, 2016 by

Did you know that on select 2013 and newer Lexus models with navigation you have the ability to add your very own image on start up or when you have the Navigation screen turned off?  Keep reading to find out how you can customize your Lexus with your own pictures and graphics.


North Park Lexus at Dominion graphic that displays on vehicle start-up.

How to Add a Customized Picture:

Select the images you would want then copy and paste those images into a USB flash drive in a folder called “StartupImage”.  The folder name “StartupImage” is case sensitive with a capital S and Ithis needs to be exact or the navigation system cannot download the images.  The images need to be a jpeg file and have the saved file extension of JPG or JPEG.  The entire image file name, including the file extension, can be up to 32 characters.  Image files must be 10 MB or less in order to be saved and you can download up to 3 images.

Transferring the Pictures:

First find your USB connection then connect your USB flash drive to the vehicle USB port.  Now you need to go to your navigation system.  Press the “MENU” button on the Remote Touch, then select “SETUP”.  Next you will select “General” then “Customize Startup Image”.  Once in the Customize Startup Image screen you will select “Transfer” then “Yes” to confirm the transfer.

Remote Touch

Setting the Startup Image:

Press the “MENU” button on your Remote Touch device, then select “Setup” then “General”.  In the General Settings screen you then select “Customize Startup Image” and after selecting your desired image from the options, you select “Save”.

You can also set one of your pictures to appear any time your Lexus is on and you turn off the Navigation Display screen.  To set the screen off image, you would follow the same directions as above for transfer and setting image except you need to name the folder “DisplayoffImage” with capital D and I.

To view the image you selected and to turn off the Navigation screen, you would press “MENU” then “Display”- located on the top right of the menu screen.  Next you will select “Screen off” to view your picture.  To turn your Navigation screen back on, you simply press Map or the Menu button.

This feature is available on most/all newer Lexus models and select 2013 Lexus CT, ES, GS, IS, LS, LX and RX models with Navigation as well as on 2014 ES, GS, LS, LX, RX with navigation.

Click here to view our How To Video from the North Park Lexus at Dominion YouTube page.