What's that button: Part III

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Part III of our “What’s that button” series including FAQ’s on various vehicle operations.   Find out if your Lexus has a specific feature and how to use different buttons in your Lexus.

Lexus LX 570 Rear Power Door


Having trouble opening and closing the rear power door on your Lexus LX? Climb into the driver’s seat and look above your right knee to find the button that turns on and off the rear power door operation.

The picture above shows the LX with the rear power door operation turned off.  To turn your rear power door back on, simply press “PWR DOOR OFF” so the orange trim appears (see picture below).


Lexus NX 200t


Active Sound Control (ASC).   If your Lexus NX has the Active Sound Control feature you will see the button/dial pictured above.  The ASC system is an electronic sound system that generates engine sound, conveying the kinetic situations of the vehicle’s acceleration and deceleration to the driver through the speakers inside the instrument panel.  The vehicle’s response to the driver’s acceleration behavior and shift operations are also conveyed in sound.  When Sport Mode is selected, the sound will be louder.  Lexus is well known for their quiet rides- and it seems the NX is so quiet that some sport driving enthusiasts may need to use the ASC to provide the audible feedback when hitting the road.

Lexus ES 350 & ES 300h


Lexus ES 350 with Intelligent High Beams.

Intelligent High Beams are included in the new Safety System+ package found on most of the 2016 Lexus models.  If you’re driving a Lexus ES 350 or ES 300h you will know if you have this valuable feature if you see the button above (labeled AUTO with the headlight indicator symbol).  If you see this button, you can turn on your Intelligent High Beams by pressing this AUTO button and placing your lights in High Beam mode (press the stalk forward).


Lexus ES 350 without Intelligent High Beams


Lexus GX 460


Lexus GX 460 driver’s side buttons.

Headlamp Washers.  Headlamps need a quick wash?  If you have the button pictured above (next to the TRAC OFF button- vehicle with skid marks) then you are in luck!  Press the Headlamp Washer button and give your headlamps a splash of water to clean them off.

Since we’re here, if you see the button located on this same row that is on the far right, then you have a Heated Steering Wheel.  Press the button and when the indicator light is on (pictured above) your steering wheel will heat up for you.  Great for those few weeks of winter weather!

Lexus Safety System+


The new, comprehensive Safety System+ package is coming on most new 2016 Lexus models and include the latest in vehicle safety and technology.  Two features included in the Safety System+ package is Lane Keep Assist/Lane Departure Alert and Pre-Collision with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Pedestrian Detection.  You can tell if your Lexus has these features by checking the buttons on your steering wheel.  If you have the two bottom buttons as the picture above, then you should have the new Safety System+ Package (or at the very least the two features mentioned earlier).


2016 ES with Safety System+ steering wheel control buttons


2016 Lexus GS with Safety System+ steering wheel buttons

LX black interior

2016 Lexus LX with Safety System+ steering wheel controls


2016 NX with Luxury Package has Pre-Collision Control buttons on the driver’s side- pictured above.

RC Flaxen nav pcs steering wheel

Lexus RC with Pre-Collision and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control steering wheel button.


2016 Lexus RX with Safety System+ steering wheel controls

This wraps up part three of “What’s that button?”.  Do you have a questions on any buttons or Lexus vehicle operations not mentioned?  Contact us anytime at North Park Lexus at Dominion or email your questions to jbrennan@nplexusdominion.com.

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