FAQ's Lexus Navigation

July 11th, 2016 by

Below is a compilation of frequently asked questions on Lexus Navigation systems.  Check out more FAQ’s on the new Lexus Drivers site here.

When will the next Navigation update be available?

Lexus releases Navigation updates that are available for purchase and install at our Lexus Service Center here at North Park Lexus at Dominion every Fall.  The next version, Version 16.1 will be available in Fall 2016.

What should I use to clean the fingerprints on my Navigation touch-screen?

Lexus recommends using an eyeglass-cleaning cloth for cleaning fingerprints from the Lexus Navigation touch-screen.  Do not use any cleaner containing ammonia.

How do I change the volume for the navigation route guidance?

To adjust the volume for the Route Guidance on your navigation system, please use the following steps:

  1. Press the “MENU” button on the Remote Touch, then select “Setup”.
  2. Select “Voice” on the “Setup” screen.
  3. Select the desired level by selecting the appropriate number. If voice guidance is not needed, select “Off” to disable the feature.
  4. Select “Save”.

Can I play DVD movies with my navigation system?

Yes, newer Lexus models and Lexus vehicles with GEN7, GEN8 and GEN9 navigation systems do have the ability to play DVD movies while the vehicle is in stationary mode.  For your safety, the DVD movie cannot be viewed while the vehicle is in motion.  Also, you may need to have the Parking Brake engaged in order for the DVD to play.

Does installation of a navigation update change the way my navigation display looks or operates?

No, the navigation updates only update the map and POI (Points of Interest) information.