How to Begin Using Wi-Fi in Your Lexus

January 21st, 2019 by

You can start using your in-vehicle Wi-Fi a few different ways, but below we have the official steps provided by Lexus on how to begin the Wi-Fi trial.

Setup Wi-Fi in your new Lexus
Wi-Fi settings under SETUP in the 2019 Lexus ES

To begin, connect your cell phone to your vehicle’s Wi-Fi network and open a web browser. You will soon be redirected to the Verizon Wi-Fi Sign Up Page to activate your trial. It is important to note that you must register through the Verizon Wi-Fi Sign Up Page in order to activate the Enform Wi-Fi trial.

Lexus points out that there are a variety of ways that you can access this page. Those ways include:

  • Connecting your device to your Lexus multi-media system via Bluetooth and using the Wi-Fi Sign Up App (you’re going to have to download the app, of course)
  • By clicking the Wi-Fi link on
  • By clicking on the link in certain Lexus marketing emails you receive.

We recommend connecting your cell phone to your car’s Wi-Fi network then opening a browser and registering via the Verizon Wi-Fi Sign Up Page OR by going to since that is the comprehensive “one-stop shop” for all of your connected services.

Need help in connecting to your new Lexus Wi-Fi network? If you’re already in your car or can easily jump inside and turn the car on – you’re going to, at the very least, have the car turned on to accessory mode, then you can get connected by going to the SETUP screen in your car’s navigation or multimedia display and selecting “Wi-Fi” then “How to Connect.” Your helpful Lexus will then provide you with an easy three-step process to follow to connect. For anyone reading this remotely and want those instructions now, we have that for you here.

Learn how to connect to Wi-Fi while inside your Lexus.
How to Connect while inside your Lexus

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi on your device (cell phone)
  2. Search and select the Access Point Name from the Wi-Fi networks list on your device.
  3. Enter the displayed password on your device.

The car will walk you through all of this and give you the required network access point name and password however if you’re connecting for the first time and you want to be absolutely certain you’re connecting to your specific car’s Wi-Fi hotspot and not another nearby Lexus then you can find your car’s specific Wi-Fi Network Name by following these instructions:

  1. Press the “MENU” button
  2. Tap “SETUP”
  3. Tap “WI-FI”
  4. Tap “Access Point Name”
  5. Find/read the Access Point Name on your device (match it up for what you see on the car’s screen), then tap the name on your device.

If you want to find out your Lexus Wi-Fi network password then you’ll follow the same steps but after going into the “Wi-Fi” set up screen you will tap “Password,” then toggle “Show Characters” to “ON.” This will give you the Password needed to then enter on your cell phone and connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Turn on Wi-Fi in your Lexus
Turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot in the SETUP menu under Wi-Fi

For additional instruction, access your car’s e-Owner’s manual for quick and easy to follow tutorials. You can also swing by Lexus at Dominion for a personal lesson on how to connect to your car’s Wi-Fi from our Vehicle Technology Specialist.