How To: Lexus RX Detailed Settings

March 21st, 2016 by

There are many ways to personalize your Lexus and the 2016 Lexus RX offers new ways to customize your driving experience with detailed setting options.  Do you like the new 3D Map View Mode or do you find it distracting?  This is one setting available for you to turn on or off as you please.  You can also customize different pop-up information, favorite POI categories to display, low fuel warnings and more.

To view all of the detailed settings available, you just need to press the “MENU” button on the Remote Touch device then select “SETUP” then “NAVIGATION”.  By selecting “DETAILED NAVI SETTINGS” you can then view and change all items related to your car’s navigation system.

Screens for Navigation Settings and What They Mean to You:

  1. Auto Hide Map Button.  Select to set the automatic screen button hiding function on/off.  When set to on, certain screen buttons on the map screen disappear several seconds after the Remote Touch has been operated.  When set to “OFF”, all the screen buttons will always be displayed. Parchment Interior Navigation
  2. Pop-up Information.  Select to set display of pop-up information to either on or off.
  3. Favorite POI Categories.  Select to set your favorite POI categories that are used for POI selection for display on your map screen.
  4. Low Fuel Warning. Want a pop-up message when you are running low on fuel?  Select On or Off for display.
  5. Guidance on Unverified Roads. Select to set IPD road guidance to on or off.
  6. Guidance with Street Names.  Select if you want Voice Guidance telling you the name of the next street.

The list goes on, but those are the most popular setting changes for Navigation that current drivers have been known to adjust.

Another popular setting to check out are your Traffic Settings.  The Traffic Settings are also located under the “SETUP” menu but you will need to select “TRAFFIC” to set or change any Traffic related items.  One setting you may want to turn on or off is the “Avoid Traffic” option.  This setting can be turned on to “AUTO mode” for the system to automatically change routes when congestion information of the guidance route has been received.  If you want to select manually whether or not to take the new suggested route from the Avoid Traffic setting then select “Manual”.  On “Manual” mode a screen will appear to ask if you wish to reroute.

You can view the RX Navigation Manual for additional options or stop by our Lexus dealership in San Antonio for a quick one-on-one tutorial on how to personalize your Lexus!