How To Link Lexus App Suite to Navigation

July 29th, 2016 by

Did you know that you can link up the Lexus App Suite to your Lexus Navigation System and search for destinations via the App Suite itself?  This is a great feature, especially if searching for a newer business or residential area that may or may not be a saved point of interest in the navigation system.  By conducting a web search thru the Lexus App Suite you can find a new location then send it to your navigation system to give you turn by turn directions to the latest hot spot in your local city.  Here is how you can link up the Lexus App Suite and Navigation System for local searches.

Linking Lexus Apps

You can link both the 8-inch display and new 12.3-inch navigation display to the Lexus Enform App Suite by following these simple instructions:

With the 8-inch Display, you will press the “MENU” button on the Remote Touch Device then select “NAV” on the menu screen.

With the 12.3-inch navigation screen, you will press the “MAP” button on your Remote Touch then select “Dest”.

Press Map Button

First select MAP on Remote Touch Device.

Select Destination on NAV

then select “Dest” on the map screen.

Next, you will select “Web Search” and check that the “Web Search” screen is displayed.

Navigation Destination Select

Setting a Destination Using the Lexus App Suite

  1. Display the Web Search screen.
  2. Select the desired application screen button to perform search.
  3. Enter a search term, and select “Go”.
  4. Select “Map”.
  5. Select “Go to <red dot icon>”
  6. Select “OK” to begin guidance to selected destination.

Linking Lexus Apps(1)

Want to make a phone call using the Lexus Enform App Suite?  You can do this by going to the same Web Search screen and selecting the desired application screen button to perform the search and enter the search term.  When search term is entered, select “Go” then “Call”.  If you see the call screen then you’re in luck and should be connected via your Bluetooth phone.

There are several additional operations that can be performed via the Lexus Enform App Suite including entering a keyword and using Lexus Enform Destinations to make a call.  You can view instructions on these operations in your Navigation Owner’s Manual or by going to the new Lexus Drivers site for helpful How-To Videos from Lexus.