How to Use Apple CarPlay

December 19th, 2018 by

Meet the newest iPhone accessory: Your Lexus. That’s right, Apple CarPlay is finally available in select Lexus models and it will eventually come in every new Lexus – just as soon as they receive the needed multimedia model update (so stay tuned). For now, Lexus owners can enjoy the convenience of Apple CarPlay in the 2019 Lexus ES sedan, LS, UX, NX, LC, and RC coupe.

With new Apple CarPlay compatibility, you can access the same familiar iPhone interface through your Lexus multimedia system. So, as long as you own an iPhone 5 or newer and have your iPhone software updated to at least iOS 7.1 then all you need is your Lightning-to-USB cable and your new Lexus to get set up. After connecting your iPhone to the vehicle using your USB cable, you will then be able to get directions, make calls, send and receive messages via Siri, and get access to your favorite iPhone apps like Spotify, Audible and Apple Podcasts utilizing the familiar yet new Apple interface. Of course, we have to mention that you could and still can do most of these things without Apple CarPlay by simply using Siri Handsfree which is on most/all newer Lexus vehicles currently.

Apple CarPlay available in 2019 Lexus LS 500

For anyone needing a little more instruction on getting started with Apple CarPlay, below are a few steps to help you out.

  1. Ensure Siri is enabled on your iPhone. To find out, go to Settings then Siri & Search. Make sure these are both turned on in your iPhone.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your Lexus using a certified USB cable. Unlock your iPhone and if prompted, click “Allow” to allow CarPlay while your phone is locked.
  3. Click ‘Enable Once’ or ‘Always Enable’ to enable CarPlay on your Lexus multimedia system. IF you do not see a pop on your vehicle’s multimedia screen asking you to select either option then you need to go to MENU then SETUP then GENERAL on your Lexus multimedia system and change the Apple CarPlay setting to ON
  4. To launch Apple CarPlay, press the MENU button your vehicle’s Remote Touch Interface, then select Apple CarPlay.

Turn on Apple CarPlay in General Settings (Setup screen) in your Lexus.

Once Apple CarPlay is turned on, you will see Apple CarPlay on the MENU screen next to Apps (where you see “Projection” in the above picture).

Once CarPlay is active, you can click on any app to launch it. Your most recent apps will appear on the left side. Even with Apple CarPlay connected, you can still use Siri voice control (you’ll just press a different button this time.) To activate Siri, press and hold the Voice Command button on your steering wheel. Of course, you can also use the Lexus Voice Command system by just tapping the Voice Command button regardless of Apple CarPlay being connected or not.

Have questions or want help in setting up Apple CarPlay in your Lexus? Stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion or contact our Vehicle Technology Specialist here.