Just Kick It: How to Use the New Lexus Hands Free Power Rear Door

March 22nd, 2019 by

One of the most convenient new features found on the Lexus NX, UX, ES and LS is the hands free power back door and power trunk with kick sensor. The operation, however, can be a little confusing at first attempt without the proper instruction. That is why the helpful team at North Park Lexus Dominion has compiled and simplified a quick guide with 4 easy steps that will get you kicking in no time.

Lexus NX with Kick Sensor Hands Free Power Back Door
Lexus NX with kick sensor hands free power back door

4 Simple Steps to Operating Your Hands Free Power Rear Door

  1. While carrying the smart key, stand within the smart access system normal operation range (this is approximately 19.7 to 27.6 inches from the rear bumper.)
  2. Perform a kick operation by moving your foot to within approximately 4-inches of the rear bumper and then pull your foot back (don’t linger.)
  3. Perform the entire kick operation within 1 second and make sure you do not actually kick the bumper.
  4. When the sensor detects that your foot is pulled back, a buzzer will sound and the back door will automatically open or close. Voila!

Kick Sensor Tips to Remember

  • You must have the smart key on you (or in your pocket or purse) in order for this to work.
  • You need to be quick. Don’t let your leg linger longer than 1 second. The hands free power back door will not start operating while a foot is detected under the rear bumper.
  • If another smart key is in the car or luggage compartment, it may take slightly longer than normal for the system to operate.
  • If a foot is moved under the rear bumper while the back door is opening, the back door will stop moving.
  • If a foot is moved under the rear bumper while the back door is closing, the back door will open.

Lexus UX with kick sensor activated rear power door
Lexus UX with kick-sensor activated rear power door

For a personal one-on-one presentation on using the kick sensor to open or close your rear power door or trunk, stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion in San Antonio, Texas or check out our YouTube page for a helpful How-To Video from Lexus. Happy kicking!

Lexus UX cargo.
Use the kick sensor hands free rear power door for easy cargo loading and unloading.