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Differences Between Leasing and Buying a Lexus in San Antonio, TX

So you want to get behind the wheel of a new Lexus. In our humble opinion, that’s an excellent decision. New Lexus models come with a host of perks and benefits, and the team at our Lexus dealership in San Antonio, TX, is dedicating to providing customers with an unparalleled car-buying experience. When you come to us for assistance, we like to be as thorough as possible so you always know that you’re making the best decision for your budget and lifestyle.

Not only can we help you select your new Lexus car or SUV, but we can show you all the current special offers we have available. From there, our Lexus-certified finance managers will work with you to determine whether leasing or financing a Lexus makes the most sense for your specific needs. We work with many local credit unions and lenders, allowing us to provide you the best rates and offers possible.

All that’s left for you is to decide whether you should buy or lease your new Lexus. Learn about your options, then stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion when you’re ready to take a test-drive!

Should I Buy or Lease a Lexus?





Monthly Payments

-Higher monthly payments

-Low interest rates available

-Lower monthly payments

-Payments are limited to the portion of the vehicle you expect to use


-You like to keep the vehicle you just paid off

-You prefer to sell or trade in your current vehicle for a new one

-You want the option to buy your vehicle in the future

Ownership Period

You like to drive a vehicle for 6+ years

-You like to own the car you’re driving long-term

-You typically only drive a vehicle for 2-3 years

-You want the flexibility to upgrade vehicles often

Mileage Restraints

-You typically drive 18,000+ miles a year

-You don’t want to deal with mileage restrictions

-You typically drive 12,000 miles or fewer a year


-You like to customize or make minor modifications to your car

-You don’t mind keeping your car in factory condition


You don’t mind if your car’s not under warranty

-You never let your car’s warranty expire


Benefits from Lexus Financial Services

Regular financing incentives

-Guaranteed Auto Protection is included on leased Lexus vehicles

-Tax Benefits may apply for businesses

-Special rewards for returning customers

Leasing a Lexus in San Antonio, TX

You’ve read the chart, thought about the perks of leasing a Lexus and finally made a decision — congratulations! So now what? What’s the lease process like? Don’t worry, the North Park Lexus at Dominion team is here to help!

How to Lease a Lexus

Leasing a Lexus is as easy as 1-2-3 when you come to our Lexus dealership in San Antonio, TX!

  • Select your Lexus vehicle.
  • Decide on a lease term from 24 to 60 months (we recommend 24-36 months).
  • Determine how many miles you’ll typically drive in a year
    • 15,000 miles per year is a standard lease
    • Low mileage leases are available with 7,500-, 10,000- and 12,000-mile limits
    • You can purchase additional miles for a standard lease up-front

That’s it! We’ll calculate a lease payment based on the vehicle you want, your chosen mileage limit and other lease charges. We’ll collect your down payment and you’ll be on your way in a stunning new Lexus.

What Do I Do When My Lease Ends?

When your lease ends, you’ll have the choice of three options. When you return your Lexus, you might owe us additional charges if your vehicle exceeds normal wear and use, you went over your allotted miles or if you customized it. Your lease-end options are:

  • Lease a new Lexus
  • Purchase your current Lexus
  • Turn in your leased Lexus and walk away.