Lexus Bluetooth FAQ's

February 1st, 2016 by

Helpful Lexus Bluetooth tips from Frequently Asked Questions.  You can also swing by North Park Lexus at Dominion for a personal tutorial on Bluetooth and more!

How do I transfer phone numbers and pair my Bluetooth® phone with my vehicle?

Compatible Bluetooth [1] mobile phones can be linked to compatible Lexus vehicles by using pairing features specific to each device. To determine whether your phone is compatible with Bluetooth technology phones listed on have been tested for compatibility with Lexus vehicles.

To transfer contacts press the “Off-Hook” switch, this will prompt the system to ask if you’d like to transfer your contacts. Prompts will vary by model, therefore you must follow the prompts in your vehicle to complete the transfer.

For models 2014 and newer during the initial pairing the vehicle will prompt you to opt in our out of transferring contacts. If the phone has already been paired, select “Phone”, “Contacts”, and “Transfer” follow the prompts to complete transfer.

*You can transfer the phone numbers in a Bluetooth® phone to the system. Operation methods differ between PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile) compatible and PBAP incompatible Bluetooth phones. If the cellular phone does not support either PBAP or OPP (Object Push Profile) service, you cannot transfer contacts. 

What is Bluetooth technology and how does it work?

This is a wireless technology that enables connectivity between multiple devices (mobile phone and vehicle, for example) by utilizing a 2.4 GHz radio spectrum that has a range of 10 meters. Bluetooth [1] will allow customers to use their mobile phone hands-free in the vehicle through the vehicle’s onboard system. However, because not all Bluetooth devices offer complete functionality within a Bluetooth technology-enabled Lexus vehicle, Lexus has tested certain devices and verified those which are compatible. To determine whether your device is compatible with your Lexus vehicle, and for detailed pairing instructions, please use the Bluetooth Compatibility Tool or contact your phone carrier.

Can the Bluetooth device work without the Navigation System?

Yes, the Bluetooth[1] functionality is possible without the available Navigation System on all Lexus vehicles after 2010. To determine whether your device is compatible with your Lexus vehicle, and for detailed pairing instructions, please use the Bluetooth Compatibility Tool.

How do I play my music via Bluetooth?

Once your phone or Bluetooth capable smart-device is connected, you can press the Media button (typically located next to the Radio button that is below the CD player for newer models) or scroll thru the Mode button on your steering wheel until you see Bluetooth Audio.  You can also use your Voice Command system by pressing the Voice Command button, waiting for the beep then saying “Bluetooth Audio”.

How many devices can I connect to my vehicle?

You can connect up to 5 cell phones and 2 different audio devices.

Does my cell phone have to have the Bluetooth feature turned on for this feature to work?

Yes.  Your cell phone must be turned on with your phone’s Bluetooth turned on as well in order to use your phone or play music via the Hands-Free Bluetooth Audio System.

Display Audio

Select the Phone Icon on Lexus vehicles with the Display Audio Package by turning the rotary dial to view Phone details, contacts and more.