Lexus Enform Remote App Update

January 26th, 2019 by

Lexus recently released an app update for Lexus Enform Remote that promises to bring a more intelligent engine start experience, a special support mode, a shortcut to lock your doors, and minor UI enhancements for both iOS and Android phones.

Lexus Enform Remote on the Lexus ES
Lexus Enform Remote mobile app update is available now.

Intelligent Engine Start Flow

For anyone utilizing Lexus Enform Remote to start your engine, you already know that in order to do so, your Lexus must meet specific conditions including all doors being shut, locked and having enough fuel in the tank. Before the update, if these conditions were not met then you would get an “Unable to Process” message on your phone/mobile app. Now, if an Engine Start is unsuccessful for some key conditions, the app will prompt you to “Attempt to Fix” and issue another engine start command. For example, if you forgot to lock the doors, the app will now ask if you want to lock the doors then try again. Another enhancement comes with better communication. When the mobile app cannot automatically correct the situation (since unfortunately, the app cannot physically shut a car door or fill up the tank with gas), you will get a more specific prompt and information as to why the engine start command was unsuccessful.

Enform Remote app can only start the engine remotely when all doors are shut and locked.
Be sure you close and lock the doors to your Lexus if you want to use Enform Remote app to start the engine later.

Support Mode

Another key update is the new Support Mode option available in the settings menu. If you’re having problems using your Enform Remote app service then you can turn on Support Mode so that the Lexus Guest Experience Center can diagnose and correct any account and service issues or confirm that your Remote service works as intended. How can they do this? Well, when you turn on Support Mode you give the Lexus Guest Experience Center agent access to a detailed error log as well as a limited set of Remote functions. Sounds easy enough. Of course, the best part of this new support mode, if you forget to turn it off, the app will automatically end after 48 hours. No need to worry if someone is continuously watching any future failed attempts to start your Lexus (unless you want them to.)

New Support Mode available with Enform Remote app update.
Support Mode allows the Lexus Guest Experience Center to help resolve any issue with service.

Other Key Enhancements

  • You can now lock your doors directly from the Vehicle Status screen
  • Engine Start may time out when the app is not used for 30 days, or when a password is changed
  • When viewing a Guest Driver profile, the save button will only be enabled when a change is made
  • Fixes for Apple Watch – the update will now display more Vehicle Status Refresh errors that were missing in the previous version
  • Android users will get a fix for the PIN entry screen – it will no longer show twice or when not needed
  • Removed the question mark “?” from PIN entry screen on smartwatches
  • Overall misc. improvements across the mobile app

Have you updated your Lexus Enform Remote mobile app? Let us know how it is working out for you or stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion for further instruction on how you can begin using the convenience Enform Remote app.

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