Lexus Enform Service Connect: Coming Soon!

July 31st, 2015 by

The newest addition to the Lexus Enform suite of connected services will debut on the 2016 models- arriving soon!  Lexus Enform Service Connect will allow drivers to remotely monitor the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system, which generates a Vehicle Health Report.  If service is needed or a Vehicle Alert is detected, the driver can be contacted via email, app alert, phone, or on some models, a notification on the vehicle’s display screen.  Lexus Enform Service Connect should provide valuable peace of mind and convenience to Lexus drivers and be able to cross-off vehicle maintenance from their list of things to worry about.

The new Lexus Enform Service Connect will also save valuable time since the servicing or selected Lexus dealership will know what the vehicle needs before it even pulls up on the service drive.  This will make servicing even more convenient for drivers of 2016 Lexus models.

The first year of Lexus Enform Service Connect will be complimentary and after the first year, the service will be bundled in the renewal fee for Safety Connect.

Here are a list of features that the Vehicle Health Reports will provide via Lexus Enform Service Connect on 2016 Lexus models…

  • Safety Recalls
  • Service Campaigns
  • Current Vehicle Alerts
  • Required Maintenance
  • Vehicle Status including Oil Levels, Smart Key Battery levels and miles to empty

Lexus drivers will be able to access their Vehicle Health Report themselves at any time from their phone or computer via or the convenient My Lexus and Beyond app.