Lexus RX vs. BMW X5

September 28th, 2016 by

How does the Lexus RX stack up against the BMW X5?  Let’s explore a few key feature differences between these two luxury SUV heavyweights.  In case you’re wondering if this comparison may favor one vehicle over another, you’re right.  We may be biased but the entire North Park Lexus at Dominion team agrees that the Lexus RX is the better buy.  Here are some reasons why we overwhelmingly recommend the new Lexus RX over the BMW X5.



# 1  Comfort

Although the Lexus RX is smaller in size, it still offers front passengers 3.7-inches more front legroom and 1.5-inches of more rear legroom than the BMW X5.  Yes, the BMW X5 is available with a 3rd row seat but this additional seat seems to have taken away space from the front passengers!  If you’re looking for comfort and legroom, the Lexus RX is the best choice.


# 2  Efficiency

The RX350 has a powerful V6 engine that develops 295-horsepower on Regular Unleaded Fuel.  The BMW X5 also has a strong 300-horsepower, 6-cylinder, BUT it requires more costly Premium Unleaded fuel.


# 3  Traction

The Lexus RX350 comes standard with front-wheel drive, an advantage for interior roominess and wet weather traction.

The BMW X5 comes standard with rear-wheel drive, a potentially less ideal layout for wet- or cold-climate traction.


#4 Safety

The 2017 RX now comes standard with an advanced, comprehensive Safety System+ which includes Pre-Collision with Pedestrian Detection, All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert, Lane Keep Assist with Steering Assist and Intelligent High Beams.  The Lexus RX also has 10 airbags, including a front-passenger seat cushion airbag and outboard rear seat-mounted airbags.

The BMW X5 has 8 airbags and lacks the RX’s rear seat-mounted side airbags.


#5  Maneuverability

The RX and BMW X5 are pretty similar in size, but the Lexus RX has a turning circle that is 3.7 feet tighter than the BMW’s:

Mid-size SUVs have to strike a balance between roominess and maneuverability – the RX is the clear winner here.


# 6  Extra Costs

The overall value and comparing cost to own the RX vs. the BMW X5 is something most sites already do very well (Edmunds, for example), but we are looking at here is just one of those extra costs that comes with owning and driving the X5.  This extra cost is a perfect example of the many additional costs associate with BMW ownership as compared to Lexus ownership.

The RX uses conventional, easy-to-replace all-season tires and come standard with a reassuring spare tire.  The X5 comes with expensive and harder to find run-flat tires and the spare is an extra cost option.

2016 RX  FSPORT Obsidian

Have you driven the Lexus RX or BMW X5?  Upload and share your experiences with both or either model. Comment below or email jbrennan@nplexusdominion and let us know what you think about this list of reasons to go with the RX when comparing it to the BMW X5 competition.