Lexus Safety System+ Explained

December 5th, 2016 by

Being surrounded by luxury is only the beginning when you step into the new 2017 Lexus.  With a high-resolution color screen perfectly positioned and convenient steering wheel controls that keep you connected with a simple click of a button, there are advanced technology and standard safety systems that give drivers greater peace of mind while on the road today.  Lexus Safety System+ is one of these new standard features that is coming on some of our most popular models including the Lexus ES, RX, GS and IS. Lexus Safety System+ consists of several features in one comprehensive safety package: Pre-Collision (PCS), Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), Lane Departure Alert (LDA) and Intelligent High Beam (IHB). This new system is impressive but do you know all that it does for you when you’re behind the wheel of your new Lexus?  We’ll explain the function for each feature that makes up Safety System+ and tell you which model has what- all right here.


Pre-Collision System

Pre-Collision System (PCS) in the new RX, ES, LX, GS F, GS and 2017 IS models consists of Forward-Collision Warning (FCW), Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) and Pedestrian Detection.  Learn more about each system below.

  • Forward Collision Warning will warn the driver when a collision is imminent
  • Automatic Emergency Braking:  Vehicle can automatically apply the brakes with no driver involvement
  • Pedestrian Detection:  Vehicle can automatically apply the brakes if a pedestrian is detected


Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control will include either one of two features: High-Speed DRCC and All-Speed DRCC.  Both Dynamic Cruise Control systems help drivers maintain a preset following distance from the vehicle ahead.  Below we tell you which model has which…

High-Speed DRCC is an adaptive cruise control that can be activated above 25 mph.  The models with High-Speed DRCC include the 2016/17 ES, GS F and new IS.  High-Speed DRCC uses radar technology to sense the speed of any vehicles in front of you.  If you get too close to the vehicle ahead, it can automatically reduce the speed of your Lexus.  And, as soon as the road ahead clears, the vehicle returns to its preset speed.

All-Speed DRCC is an adaptive cruise control that can be activated at all speeds.  All-Speed DRCC comes on the 2016/17 Lexus LX570, GS and RX.  All-Speed DRCC does the same that High-Speed DRCC with the added benefit of operating in stop-and-go traffic.


DRCC steering wheel control


Activating DRCC


Lane Departure Alert

Lane Departure Alert (LDA) also includes several functions: Lane Departure Alert Function, Steering Vibration, Lane Centering and Vehicle Sway Warning.  Find out which models have what LDA function here.

Lane Departure Alert Function warns the driver when it detects inadvertent lane departures.  The LDA function itself comes on every model with this feature: LX, ES, GS F, GS, RX and IS.

Steering Vibration:  The steering wheel will vibrate as a notification to the driver when Lane Departure Alert is activated.  Steering Wheel Vibration notification (which can be adjusted as well as turned off) will come on the new Lexus LX570, ES, GS and RX.

Steering Assist:  Vehicle will actively steer back into the lane when it detects an inadvertent lane departure.  Steering Assist is on the new ES, GS F, GS and RX.

Lane Centering:  Vehicle will actively steer to the center of the lane to assist the driver with staying in the lane.  Lane Centering comes on the new Lexus GS and RX.

Vehicle Sway Warning:  Vehicle warns the driver when the vehicle is swaying or appears as if it may depart from its lane multiple times.  This LDA feature is on the new Lexus LX, ES, GS F, GS and RX.

Intelligent High-Beam

Intelligent High Beam Headlamps help to provide added visibility and illumination when the road ahead is clear by automatically turning on the vehicle’s high beam headlamps.  The system will temporarily switch to low-beam when they sense another vehicle ahead.  Intelligent High Beam Headlamps are on all models with Lexus Safety System+ including the new Lexus LX, GS, IS, RX, ES and GS F.


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