Lexus Voice Command Basics

October 29th, 2016 by

Voice recognition systems are designed to recognize – not for the driver or passenger to have to memorize voice commands.  This is why Lexus has designed their systems to not only operate using basic “commands” but also added the capability for the system to interpret messages.  Lexus vehicles have some of the most advanced voice recognition systems in the industry.  These advanced systems coupled with the intuitive, easy-to-use vehicle controls gives drivers and passengers total freedom in adjusting just about any comfort and entertainment feature.  Even vehicles without navigation offer advanced voice recognition that allows drivers to control and change their vehicle’s audio, climate control and Bluetooth settings without every having to take their hands off the wheel.  Let’s curb distracted driving and learn how to best use your Lexus Voice Recognition System with these voice command basics.


The most important and basic rule to remember when using your voice command system is to wait for the confirmation beep before speaking a command.  It is also important to note that the voice command system may prove more difficult to use if there is interference.  Examples include an open moon roof or window, passengers talking while voice commands are spoken and voice commands spoken too quickly, softly or loudly.  Set yourself up for success and roll that window up before pressing the voice command icon on your steering wheel then enjoy all the convenience that voice recognition has to offer!


The Basics

Search/Enter a Destination with an Address:

  1. Press the talk switch
  2. Say “Enter an address”
  3. Say the “<city name>”
  4. Say “<street name>”
  5. Say “<house number>”
  6. Say “Start guidance” or “Show map”

Pretty basic and searching for an address via your navigation system with voice command will be this easy, especially if you already have your State saved in the Destination Search screen.

Of course, there are many ways to use Voice Recognition.  You can perform searches using any of the following commands: “Find nearby <POI Category>” or “Go Home“.  An example of searching by “POI” would be: “Find nearby Gas Station” if you’re needing to fill up.

Other basic searches can be performed using natural speech.  Go ahead and press the talk switch, wait for the beep then try saying any of the following:

  • For the “Go Home” command you can say “Let’s go home” or “take me home
  • “Enter an Address” can also be used by saying “I wanna enter an address, please.” or “Put in an address“, for example.
  • Find nearby restaurant” also works by saying things like “I’m hungry

You’ll be delighted by all of the casual speech messages the Lexus Voice Recognition System will understand, but if you’re looking for a tried and true method of operation, use any of the following commands for these desired functions.


  • “Find Nearby <POI category>”.  This will display a list of whatever POI category you spoke that is near your current position.
  • “Enter an Address”.  This command will enable you to set a destination by saying the address (as  explained above).
  • “Go Home”.  Displays the route home.
  • “Call Destination Assist”.  Connects you to a live agent at the Lexus Enform with Safety Connect response center.
  • “Destination by Phone Number”.  Enables setting a destination by saying the phone number (businesses only).


  • “Call <name> <type>”  Calls made by saying a name from the phone book and the type lets you call that person’s mobile, house or work number if you have multiple entries for the person you want to call.
  • “Dial <number>”  Calls made by saying the phone number
  • “International Call”  Calls international numbers by saying the phone number.


  • “Play Artist <name>”  Plays tracks by the selected artist
  • “Play Album <name>”  Plays tracks from the selected album
  • “Play Song <name>” Plays the selected track
  • Play Playlist <name>”  Plays tracks from your selected playlist


  • “Radio” Sets the audio mode to radio
  • “AM” Selects the AM band
  • “FM” Selects the FM band
  • “Bluetooth audio” Selects Bluetooth audio mode
  • “Audio On”  Turns the audio system on
  • “Audio Off”  … you should get the point by now


  • “Traffic”  Displays traffic incident list
  • “Weather” Displays weather information
  • “Sports scores” Displays the sports list
  • “Stock quotes” Displays the stocks list
  • “Fuel prices” Displays the fuel price list


  • “Warmer”  Turns temperature up by 4 degrees
  • “Cooler”  Turns temperature down
  • “Automatic climate control”  Turns on or off the climate control system

Voice commands and casual speech recognition does vary by model so if you have questions on what your Lexus can do or want to learn more on your own, just crack open your Owner’s Manual or visit to view it electronically.  We are also available for you here at North Park Lexus at Dominion!  Stop by anytime for a personal, one on one tutorial on Voice Commands with our Vehicle Technology Specialists.