Looking Back: The ES300

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To see how far we’ve come, we sometimes need to look back.  That’s why we are looking back at the Lexus ES300 today. The ES is a classic and one of the highest rated luxury sedans on the road.  Let’s explore the ES evolution and how much has changed in the past 16 years.

The ES 300 is described in the 2000 Model Year brochure as offering a wide array of standard features, enticing options, powertrain technology and value – all of which define the latest model of “Lexus’ understated elegant ES 300.”  The Lexus ES has been at the forefront of the most competitive segment in the luxury market and has remarkably remained true to the 2000 model year Lexus designation as being the “understated elegant”vehicle for over 16 years now.  With that said, the Lexus ES has undergone a significant makeover over the past year making it harder to use “understated” as a descriptor for the vehicle.  Let’s explore how the Lexus ES 300 stacks up to the new 2016 ES 350…


Lexus ES 300 interior

The 2000 model year ES 300 had a base MSRP of $31,505.  If you compare the ES 300 to the base model ES 350 today, you would need to include a few optional features from the 2000 model year including the Lexus Value Package, Heated Front Seats, Vehicle Skid Control (VSC) with Brake Assist and HID Headlights, at the very least.  These 4 packages would make the price on the 2000 ES 300 around $35,530 which makes the difference between a “starting package level” ES 300 back in 2000 about $3,744 less than a comparably equipped base model today.  This $3K price difference helps to support at least one of the reasons why the Lexus ES has remained the front runner in the luxury market when comparing overall value.

2000 Lexus ES 300 Specs

3.0-liter V6 engine with 210 HP

Fuel Rating of 20/28**

105.1-inch wheelbase

190.2-inch length

70.5-inch width

54.9-inch height

36.8/36.2-inches headroom (front/back)

43.5/34.4-inches legroom (front/back)

 13 cu ft Trunk Capacity

2016 Lexus ES 350 Specs

3.5-liter V6 engine with 268 HP

20/29/23 MPG

111-inch wheelbase  *6-inch increase in wheelbase

193.3-inch length  *3.1-inches longer

71.7-inch width  *1.2-inches wider

57.1-inch height  *2.2-inches taller

37.5-inches headroom  *1.3-inch increase in headroom

41.9/40-inch legroom

*1.6-inch decrease in front legroom & 5.6-inch increase in rear legroom!

15.2 cu ft Cargo Capacity  *2.2 cu ft more cargo space


Looking back at the 2000 Lexus ES 300 it is pretty obvious as to why the ES sedan has remained one of the best selling luxury sedans.  Looking back also shows how generous Lexus has been with each model update- every year there are more standard features, more room, better safety and technology BUT for almost the same price as the ES from 16 years earlier.

Learn more about the 2016 Lexus ES here or stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion to experience all that the Lexus classic has to offer.

ES Flaxen Interior Linear Wood

2016 Lexus ES interior



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