What's that…?

April 23rd, 2015 by

Almost every time we get into our Lexus we notice a new feature.  It is that attention to detail that sets Lexus apart.  Here are a few of the lesser known features found on the Lexus LX570…

2014-Lexus-LX-interior-cool-box-overlay-1204x677-LX929The Cool Box

headlampwashersThe Bug Eliminator:  Headlamp Washers

2015-Lexus-LX-interior-shift-knob-overlay-1204x677-LXG031Pick Your Preference: Drive Modes and More

To help ensure the LX handles as well on-road as it does off, it features an ingenious Adaptive Variable Suspension system that continually monitors the speed and steering angle to help decrease body roll, and a steering system that helps provide greater agility and road feel.

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