Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

December 5th, 2015 by

Lexus can evoke emotion from the everyday objects in our life that are often taken for granted.  As Lexus put it,” One unexpected moment of inspiration, years of development and zero shortcuts.  This is the art of creating art.”

Lexus is meticulous and as we all know, in passionate pursuit of perfection.  They not only make precisely engineered vehicles that routinely prove to be the most reliable and problem-free cars on the road, but Lexus also has an incredible eye for detail.  Lexus transforms everyday materials into expressive design pieces that just happen to make up key components of your every-day driver.  The design stories are incredible and if you haven’t yet watched how Lexus makes the available Shimamoku wood trim steering wheel, then you should….right now (seriously, click here).  The attention to detail is incredible and in the hands of the Lexus master craftsmen, natural splendor transforms into engineering brilliance.

“The Line: The Lexus Brand & 2016 Models” has a short article titled “The Science of Sense” which further illustrates the importance that Lexus places on the emotional connection between car and driver.

You can pick up your own copy of “The Line” at our Lexus dealership and you can read the article, “The Science of Sense” right here…

The Science of Sense

Chika Kako Engineers the Intangible

Chika Kako studies that certain something you can’t quite place.  That’s because every Lexus vehicle possesses a powerful quality that’s as invisible as it is irreplaceable.  Kansei- the emotional harmony created by the look, feel and behavior of the vehicle.

That air of perfect balance found in every Lexus isn’t just by chance.  It’s channeled by engineers like Chika Kako.  Well-versed in material engineering and product planning, Kako rose to prominence by helping create the Kansei Comptency Center in Belgium, a research and development facility dedicated to expertly crafting the sensory details imperceptible to most.  The balance found in every cabin. The alignment of color and tone.  The experience of expectations fully met.

Finely tuned intuition and an incisive technical eye have guided Kako through redesigns of the RX and IS and as Chief Engineer of the CT.  The hybrid embodies Kako’s vision for the future: “No machine can make the perfect car- only people.”


Thank you, Lexus for allowing us to forward this inside look on the emotional design behind every Lexus model.  Read more and check out the specs for the 2016 Lexus model-line up in “The Line” that is available, compliments of Lexus, at North Park Lexus Dominion.