New for 2017: Scout GPS Link

August 25th, 2016 by

Lexus will introduce a new standard feature on select 2017 Lexus models equipped with Display Audio: Scout GPS Link.  Although Scout GPS Link is not new, and has actually been on a few Toyota models for at least a year already, it is new to Lexus and will officially launch with the arrival of the 2017 Lexus RX.  Scout GPS Link will also come on the 2017 NX, RC and IS that will arrive at Lexus Dominion this Fall.

Scout GPS Link turn-by-turn directions seamlessly integrates its Smartphone App with the Lexus Display Audio system and is a great alternative for Lexus drivers who do not choose to equip their vehicle with the available Lexus on-board navigation system.  The new Scout GPS Link should also be easier to use than a smartphone-only navigation app, since drivers will get a large, clear, full-color map with instructions right at eye level.  Once paired, the Scout GPS Link can perform destination searches with either the Display Audio controller or via Voice Command and the steering wheel mounted controls.  The new Scout GPS Link system also features traffic-based routing and the ability to resume your trip on the paired Smartphone if the vehicle is turned off before the routing ends.

You can check out additional details and how-to videos online at or click here to watch an overview from the Lexus Dominion YouTube page.

Using Scout GPS Link

The Scout GPS Link app is available for download on both the Apple App Store and on Google Play.  The process of downloading and using the Android app is slightly different from the iOS that we are going to go over so all Android users should check out for details.

SGL-AUG-007 (4).PNG

First you will need to download and install the Scout GPS Link app on your Smartphone.  Once installed, you will have to allow the app to access your location as well as allow access to your microphone in order to enable voice recognition.  The app will ask you to register an account either via email or by linking Facebook or Google+ but Lexus says this is not required.  You can skip the registration process altogether which would only mean you couldn’t access your destinations or account via another device and all destinations will clear when you turn off the car.  If you’re like me and don’t want another password to remember, this option sounds perfect.

Once you have the app downloaded, you need to pair your Smartphone to the Bluetooth system in your Lexus and install Scout GPS Link.  To do this, you will first press the “Menu” button on your Display Audio controller then select “Set Up.”

SGL-AUG-010 (3).PNG

Scroll down to “Bluetooth” and pair your Smartphone to the system.

SGL-AUG-011 (4).PNG


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Once paired, you need to download and install Scout GPS Link in your vehicle (our sales team, Delivery Specialists and Technology Specialists can do this for you at Lexus Dominion).  To download you just need to select “Now” after the system displays “A mandatory update is required.  Would you like to start updating now?” then keep the vehicle on until the download is complete.

SGL-AUG-013 (7).PNG

This app does use your phone’s data plan and the system will inform you of this once downloading is complete.  If you’re ok with that and have unlimited data then just select “Ok”.

SGL-AUG-033 (11).PNG

Scout GPS Link in your Lexus

Begin using Scout GPS Link using the Display Audio controller.  Choose “Menu” then click “Connected Navi” to begin.

SGL-AUG-015 (10)

Scout GPS Link and the Lexus Display Audio System can search for addresses and points of interests (POI) using the Display Audio controller or voice commands.  If you choose to use the rotary dial then you will click “Search” and continue to use the Display Audio controller to spell out the desired location.  The easier way to use the new system would be via Voice Command.

SGL-AUG-017 (2)

SGL-AUG-004 (3).png

If you decided to register an account with the Scout GPS Link app then you can also save/set up your Home and Work.  Once the address is set for both Home and Work, the Scout GPS Link home page will display your proximity and estimated travel time from your current location based on current traffic conditions.

SGL-AUG-009 (6).PNG

For additional information on how to use the new Scout GPS Link app, visit them online or stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion for a personal presentation on one of the 2017 models (as soon as they arrive next month).  Call us at 210-816-6000 if you would like an update/reminder from our sales team as soon as the first 2017 Lexus arrives.

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Scout GPS Link with Lexus Display Audio