April 20th, 2016 by

Omontenashi is the Japanese spirit of hospitality that not only fulfills people’s needs, but anticipates them.  Omontenashi is a key element that makes up Lexus Dealership culture, customer service and the L-finesse design philosophy for many Lexus models. North Park Lexus at Dominion, and every Lexus dealership for that matter, is determined to treat our guests better than any other car company. This dedication to Lexus guests is reflected in the Lexus Covenant; Lexus dealers will always treat customers as they would a guest in their own home.  True to the concept of Omontenashi, our dealership strives to do more than simply meet the needs of our Lexus owners. The entire Lexus at Dominion team is in constant pursuit of perfection and will go to any length possible to solve our customers problems, whether they be mechanical or not.  From beginning to end, Lexus Dominion is 100% invested in making the Lexus Experience unlike any other.

Have you experienced the Lexus Difference?  Stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion and allow us to introduce you to the Japanese spirit of hospitality- omontenashi.