Scout GPS Link FAQ's

November 8th, 2016 by

By now, you may have heard of one of the new features coming on select 2017 Lexus models: Scout GPS Link.  Scout GPS Link offers a convenient, cost-effective alternative for customers not wanting to move up to a Navigation Package level but still needs turn-by-turn direction capability while driving.  How does Scout GPS Link work and which models come with this new app-based navigation system?  Check out our Scout GPS Link FAQ’s here.

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Scout GPS Link with Lexus Display Audio

Does Scout GPS Link work with my vehicle?

Scout GPS Link is available on select 2017 model year vehicles with the Lexus Display Audio multimedia head unit (this is a standard feature for most of the 2017 models).  The vehicles that come with Scout GPS Link now include the 2017 NX, RX, RC, ES and IS.

How much does Scout GPS Link cost?

Scout GPS Link service is complimentary!  Lexus plans on keeping this new service complimentary until December 31, 2023.

What is the difference between turn-by-turn guidance and the moving maps that come with Factory-installed Navigation?

Factory-installed Navigation, or embedded navigation, runs on head units with enhanced hardware capabilities.  The improved hardware enables a rich visualization experience, through a map rendered with real road geometry that moves with the user as they drive along their navigation route.  Other “extras” include real-time traffic abd speed limits on their navigation route as they are driving.

Scout GPS Link for Lexus Display Audio provides a more simplified “turn-by-turn” guidance experience that is tailored to work with the capabilities of the standard head unit.  Guidance instructions are communicated to the user through audio directions and turn symbols, not a visualization of real road geometry.  It also uses the processing power of the user’s smartphone, instead of using the head unit for processing.  Map data isn’t stored on the head unit, instead, it will be retrieved from Telenav’s cloud servers, via the smartphone data connection.

What is the difference between Scout GPS Navigation and Scout GPS Link?

The Scout GPS Navigation is a turn by turn guidance application that can only be used on your smartphone and has no connection capability with your vehicle’s multimedia system.  The Scout GPS Link application has been developed to work specifically with your Lexus multimedia system through Bluetooth.

Is Scout GPS Link part of Lexus Enform App Suite?

No.  Scout GPS Link is a stand-alone application that connects with the Lexus Display Audio system to provide turn-by-turn guidance and is not part of Enform App Suite (which requires embedded, factory Navigation).

Does both Scout GPS Link and factory-installed navigation work with my vehicle?

No, Scout GPS Link only comes on the Lexus Display Audio multimedia head unit.  Lexus factory-installed navigation is not provided on the same LDA multimedia head unit.

Who are the suppliers for the Lexus Display Audio multimedia head unit?

Pioneer and Fjitsu-Ten.

Does the Scout GPS Link application have to be launched on my smartphone to work on the vehicle’s multimedia display screen?

Yes, the Scout GPS Link application needs to be launched on your smartphone in order for it to work on your Lexus multimedia display screen.


For additional information on Scout GPS Link and how to use it in your 2017 Lexus with the Lexus Display Audio system, stop by North Park Lexus at Dominion and let our Vehicle Technology Specialists get you set up.  You can also download instructions and other great info online at