Cilajet at Lexus Dominion

Protect Your Investment

North Park Lexus at Dominion is an authorized Cilajet dealership in San Antonio and the exclusive Lexus authorized dealer in South Texas.  Schedule an appointment at Lexus Dominion and protect your investment with Cilajet Aviation Grade Exterior, Interior and Wheel Protection.

Cilajet Exterior Protection

When professionally applied, Cilajet bonds with the exterior of your vehicle giving it a deep mirror-like finish, while reducing surface imperfections such as fine scratches.  Cilajet paint sealant prevents sun oxidation and paint fading, protects against bird dropping stains and repels dirt, grease, tree sap, hard water and more.  Keep your new Lexus looking showroom ready and take home the peace of mind that comes with it.  Cilajet Protection includes a 10-year warranty on new Lexus that is fully transferrable to a second owner.  Qualified pre-owned vehicles can also benefit from Cilajet protection with an included warranty for 5 years.

Cilajet exterior protection

Cilajet Interior Protection

Our authorized Cilajet team will professionally apply Cilajet interior protection to your new Lexus or qualified pre-owned vehicle here at North Park Lexus Dominion.  Once professionally applied, Cilajet will protect your vehicle’s carpet floor mats against common accidents and defend your vehicle’s interior against food and drink spills, making clean-up fast and easy.  Cilajet Interior Protection also helps to keep leather and leatherette surfaces soft, giving them a longer life.  Cilajet Interior Protection includes a 10-year warranty on new Lexus vehicles and a 5-year warranty on qualified pre-owned vehicles purchased from Lexus Dominion.

Cilajet Interior Protection

Cilajet Wheel Protection

Wheels that stay cleaner, longer without the need to repeatedly wash or pay for detail services.  Cilajet Wheel Protection enhances the appearance of alloy and chrome wheels and, when professionally applied, Cilajet Wheel Protection can help keep wheels clean for a longer period of time while protecting them from brake dust at the same time.  Cilajet Wheel Protection is available at North Park Lexus Dominion and includes a fully-transferable* 10-year warranty on new Lexus vehicles. Qualified pre-owned vehicles are also covered under warranty for 5-years.

Lexus GX with Cilajet Wheel Protection