The Elevated RX

July 5th, 2016 by

If you haven’t yet read the latest edition of Beyond by Lexus, we’ve included a taste of one of the articles that grabbed our attention.  The article is titled, “High Note” and it is about the unique process and idea behind the Sapele Wood trim that is found on the Luxury model RX’s.  Click here to read the article online now.

The entire 14-step process takes roughly eight weeks and involves dozens of supremely qualified craftspeople.  Sheets of high-quality sapele wood are imported from Africa, bonded to a thin layer of aluminum, and later stained, to remove the wood’s natural reddish hue.

Then the magic happens…”

We are always fascinated and awe-inspired when hearing about the design process and the amount of craftsmanship that is put into every Lexus.  The piece of craftsmanship that elevates the Lexus RX cabin and is featured in this article has inspired us to explore additional elements found in the new Lexus RX that we feel have truly elevated the Lexus classic.

Color HUD

Color Heads-Up Display

Color Heads Up Display is project dynamic information like speed, turn-by-turn navigation and alerts directly onto the windshield.  Not only is the design and overall technology impressive, but the new Color Heads Up Display is also customizable and can be adjusted for every driver depending on their height and brightness preference.


12.3-inch Multimedia Display and Navigation System

The new Lexus RX lets drivers see the bigger picture with the impressive 12.3-inch high resolution multimedia display with navigation.  Lots of options come with this massive screen and drivers can choose to go with the full map screen or split the screen, providing immediate, simultaneous access to audio, climate, app suite or navigation controls.


Ambient LED Lighting

The Lexus RX really lights up at night with the stunning ambient LED lighting.  Simple elegance that evokes pure expression and emotion.  Who knew a car could be this deep?


Lexus Enform Connected Services

Every Lexus RX will come with the complete suite of Lexus Enform Connected Services.  Lexus RX drivers enjoy access to to five unique ways to keep you connected and enhance the driving experience.  Lexus Enform Safety Connect, Service Connect and Remote apps are complimentary for the first year of ownership so everyone can experience the elevated services provided by Lexus Enform.

RX Rear Seat Entertainment

New 11.6-inch Dual High-Resolution Rear-Seat Monitors

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