The Next Generation: Lexus LC500h

February 20th, 2016 by

There is quite a bit of buzz surrounding the new Lexus LC hybrid and for good reason.  The all-new Lexus LC500h will introduce the next generation of hybrid driving: the world’s first Multi Stage Hybrid System.  Specifically designed for performance vehicles, the Multi Stage Hybrid System is an amazing feat of engineering and as Lexus put it, “was developed with opposing goals in mind: to create a hybrid with a more sporting and engaging driving experience by closely aligning engine speed with throttle inputs, and to achieve the best possible balance of power and fuel consumption.” The new Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid System weighs the same as the current hybrid powertrain due to the new compact electric motor and lithium-ion battery that offsets the weight of the added automatic transmission which will feature “M” Mode- the first driver initiated gear shifts offered on a Lexus full hybrid powertrain.  The new system delivers a direct connection between the accelerator pedal and vehicle accelerations, and 0-100 km/h times well into the sub-5 second range.

The new Lexus LC500h will also be the first Lexus to take advantage of the all-new, premium rear-wheel drive platform and is poised to become “the blueprint” for future front-engine/rear-wheel drive Lexus models.

The Lexus LC will bring the next generation of hybrid high-performance driving, but it also looks pretty spectacular.  Check it out below and contact North Park Lexus at Dominion to start placing your order for the all-new Lexus LC500 and LC500h…





Like numbers?  Check out how the Lexus LC500h stacks up…

Overall Length: 187.4 inches

Overall Width: 75.6 inches

Wheelbase: 112.9 inches

Engine Type: 3.45L Hybrid Engine

6 Cylinders

354 Total System Output (horsepower)


Lexus LC

The Lexus LC will also feature a long-list of Lexus and industry-firsts, new design elements, classic Lexus Takumi craftsmanship including a hand-stitched leather center console, dash pad and drape forming Alcantara door trim.  To read the full press release from Lexus click here.

The Lexus LC is stunning and has us all looking forward to the next generation…