Top 10 Lexus Enform Features to Use

February 15th, 2016 by

The suite of connected services available with Lexus Enform has greatly expanded and evolved since its debut on the 2010 Lexus HS250h and now provides even greater peace of mind with vehicle health reports thru Enform Service Connect.  Lexus Enform Connected Services are available on most 2010 and newer Lexus models and offers an easy way to keep connected while on the road.  Below is a list of our favorite Lexus Enform features.


Top 10 Lexus Enform Features:

  1. Vehicle Finder.  Gone are the days of stressful roaming of parking lots while trying to find your car.  Vehicle Finder is one of our favorite features available thru Lexus Enform Remote that uses the map on your smartphone to guide you to your Lexus.  The BEST when leaving a late movie…
  2. Destination Assist.  Available 24/7- Destination Assist connects you to a live response center agent that can download directions directly to your car’s navigation system while on the road.  They can even suggest nearby restaurants, hotels and more!
  3. Enhanced Roadside Assistance.  If you’ve ever driven outside of cell service or had your phone’s battery die out while on a road trip, the Enhanced Roadside Assistance feature available thru Enform Safety Connect is a life-saver.  Simply press the SOS button and help is on the way- no phone required!
  4. Stolen Vehicle Locator.  This is great, especially since your insurance rates typically go down just for having this feature!
  5. Pandora.  One of the many Apps available with Lexus Enform App Suite, Pandora is easily accessed through Voice Command and allows you to make customized playlists featuring your favorite artists.
  6. Remote Start.  Perfect for those hot San Antonio summer days!  Remotely start your Lexus and get the A/C working for you before stepping inside your vehicle.
  7. Maintenance Alerts.  Never worry about missing an oil change or any other needed service!  Maintenance Alerts can be set up so your servicing dealer contacts you when or if maintenance is needed.  One less thing to worry about!
  8. Status Check.  Not sure if you locked the doors or if you have enough gas to make a side trip on the way home?  Remotely check the status of your vehicle’s doors, windows, fuel levels and more thru Lexus Enform Remote.
  9. eDestination.  Planning a trip?  Using eDestination you can search and organize up to 200 destinations in 20 separate folders from your home or office then send them to your car’s navigation system for easy download.
  10. Safety Connect.  If you are involved in an accident and the airbags deploy, you have a Lexus response center agent there to help and deploy emergency services as needed.  They will even call anyone listed under your Emergency Contacts to inform them of the accident.

Lexus Enform keeps you connected, entertained and informed while on the road.  To learn more about the services available with Lexus Enform, please contact our sales team at North Park Lexus Dominion or visit the new Lexus Enform site at to register and view or subscriptions.

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