What's New: Lexus Multimedia

October 1st, 2016 by

Lexus has launched an update to its multimedia system, adding improvements to the interface, voice recognition, display screens and more.  The new system is already included in some 2016 models – the LS, GS, LX and RX – with the rest of the Lexus model line-up set to receive this update for 2017 and future calendar years.  Find out what’s new for the updated Lexus Multimedia System here.


The new Lexus multimedia system features redesigned graphics that we discussed in a previous post called, “The Next Generation”.  These graphics are nice and give the new system a more elegant and sleek look.  The Remote Touch Interface was also improved with a new “BACK” button and “ENTER” button added to each side of the device for a more intuitive operation.  Now that we’ve had time to experiment with the new Remote Touch Interface on the 2016 RX and LX, we can tell you that this is a huge improvement!

Another improvement that offers a significant upgrade from the previous system is Voice Recognition.  Conditional prompts are now more instructive:  “Pardon?” is replaced with a more specific prompt, such as “Please speak louder” or “No iPod connected.”  Voice Command is also coming with a new “Beginners Mode” that will help users learn the different voice command options.  When the Beginners Mode is on, the voice command system will first display the different categories available- Navigation, Music, Apps and Phone- so to narrow the available command options.  For example, users can select the command category “Navigation” to access available navigation voice commands.


Voice Command button on 2017 GX steering wheel

To help improve the sound quality and minimize sound interference, the 2016 RX features a new home for the interior microphone that is used to make calls and answer calls via the handsfree Bluetooth connection.  The new microphone is located above the driver, rather than in the overhead console…can you hear me now?  Other Lexus models may feature this microphone update in future model years (fingers crossed).

The next generation multimedia system also offers Bluetooth HD, for improved call quality with compatible phones and network.  The standard Bluetooth Hz range is 200 to 3,300.  The new Bluetooth HD voice frequency range is between 50 and 7,000 Hz.

One of the most exciting updates to Lexus multimedia is with the available Rear Seat Entertainment System, which enables two different video sources to be viewed at the same time, and on slick 11.6-inch high resolution displays.  These new LCD displays are the largest in the industry and both screens include an HDMI input terminal that allows users to connect to various compatible devices such as smartphones, video cameras and gaming systems.


11.6-inch Rear Seat Enterntainment LCD screens in the Lexus RX

Scout GPS Link is the final notable addition to the Lexus mutimedia update and is available now on Display Audio package (base model/no-navigation) RX, ES and NX with the IS, RC and other models offering this new feature on their release that is coming soon.  Scout GPS Link works through a free app that is easily downloaded on your smartphone then connects to your 2017 Lexus Bluetooth system to provide Lexus drivers convenient turn-by-turn directions.  This is a great alternative for Lexus owners that do not want to pay the higher price tag for models equipped with Lexus Navigation Systems.

SGL-AUG-007 (4).PNG

Scout GPS Link available now on select 2017 Lexus models

Explore all that the updated Lexus multimedia system has to offer by test driving a 2016 or 2017 Lexus at our dealership!  Call 210-816-6000 to schedule a test drive or swing by our resort-style Lexus store located off IH 10 West at Dominion Drive.