What's the Difference: Lexus RX

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The Lexus RX is now available in an ever-growing number of models, package levels, equipment options, and color choices. For anyone shopping for a new Lexus RX online or simply car spotting during their weekly trip to the grocery store, you may find yourself asking what’s the difference? Why does this RX look different from the one parked in my neighbor’s driveway? With the Lexus RX being the #1 luxury crossover SUV on the market today, there are quite a few both on the road and available for sale online (with one of the best selections listed on the LexusDominion.com website, if you’re curious.) That’s why for Part II of our new “What’s the Difference” series, and as requested by one of our readers, we put together several comprehensive infographics highlighting the different models, package levels and options for arguably the most popular Lexus model, the Lexus RX. Learn how to tell the difference and find your favorite feature on the 2019 Lexus RX here.

2019 Caviar Mica Lexus RX 350 F SPORT
2019 RX 350 F SPORT AWD in Caviar Mica at Lexus Dominion

RX 350 vs. RX 450h

The Lexus RX 350 and RX 450h are now almost identical in appearance. Previous Generations made the task of distinguishing the difference between the gas and hybrid model remarkably easy – just look for Roof Rails since the gas model had them and the “typical” RX hybrid did not. Today, it is a little more difficult, especially when you get into the F-SPORT version of either model. Here’s what to look out for and where to look so you can determine if that RX is the RX 350 or RX 450h:

  • Hybrid Badging (a little easier said than done since every RX now comes with Lexus Safety System+ and all new models have a “filled-in” Lexus emblem on the front – this used to be our go-to “tell” for the hybrid since it is a filled-in blue emblem). RX Hybrids will have the slightly darker blue front emblem, in addition, to a “Hybrid” badge next to the rear wheel well on the exterior (FYI: this may be going away for future models though).
  • Power Button on Hybrid vs. Start Button on RX 350
  • Gas Tank Button on RX Hybrid vs. No Gas Tank Button on RX 350
  • Drive Mode Select with EV mode on RX Hybrid vs. No EV mode on RX 350
  • Energy Monitor screen (hybrid only)

Hybrid Badging on the RX 450h

How to tell the difference between the RX 350 and RX 450h
How to tell if you’re looking at the RX 350 or RX 450h

Lexus RX: Where to Look

The front of the RX and especially the grille and lights will help you to distinguish the difference in RX models and equipment levels.

Lexus RX model difference infographic
Look at the front grille to determine if the RX is the standard or F SPORT model and look for the lights and little camera under the front emblem to tell you the package level – only the RX with Navigation will come with Panoramic View Monitor so if you see the camera, then you automatically know that RX has Navigation. Triple Beam Lights are also a tell that you’re looking at an upgraded RX or RX F SPORT.

Where to Look: RX Packages

Wondering how you can tell if the RX you’re looking at is the basic/starting package level or a more fully equipped version? Here’s how you can tell the difference, starting with the “starting” package level that is used in most/all online lease ads.

Starting Package RX 350
Look at the wheels, if the RX has a moon roof or not and the steering wheel to quickly determine if that RX is the basic package. No wood = no premium package.

Where to Look on the RX Infographic
Key features and “tells” that you’re looking at the Starting Package Level RX ($45K MSRP)

The Premium Package is the most common package option for the Lexus RX and is available with and without navigation and at times, with or without a few extra add-ons including Heads Up Display and a Panoramic Roof. Here’s where to look to determine if the RX has the Premium Package, Navigation, Panoramic View Monitor, Panoramic Roof and more.

Premium Package RX infographic
Look for Wood Grain, Heated Steering Wheel Button, Moon Roof, Heated and Ventilated Seats and (most of the time) Upgraded Wheels to Determine if that RX has the Premium Package.

Here is the Premium Package with Navigation. Remember, if you see the camera on the front of the grille, under the Lexus emblem then you will know that the RX you’re looking at has Panoramic View Monitor and Navigation, regardless of package level. In the following infographic, we’ve also included a go-to “tell” on where to look and find out if the RX is AWD.

RX with Premium Package and Navigation Infographic from Lexus Dominion
Look for the Panoramic View Monitor Button which will tell you that RX has Navigation, Remote Touch Device, Upgraded Wheels, and Wood Grain. If you see the AWD button next to the Traction Control button on your Drive Mode Select, as seen above, then you know that RX is AWD.

Feature Finder for Premium Package RX
Look for wood grain to tell if you if that RX has the Premium Package

The Luxury Package on both the RX 350 and RX 450h will be simple to spot if you have a chance to see the interior wood grain as every single Luxury Package RX will have the exclusive Gray Sapele Wood with Aluminum trim. This is unique and will only be on RX with Luxury Package, regardless of model.

Lexus RX Luxury Package Infographic
How to tell if you’re looking at the Luxury Package on the 2019 Lexus RX: Look if the upgraded wheels have color inserts, the triple beam LEDS, Mark Levinson Sound System and Gray Sapele wood all tell you that the RX has the Luxury Package.

Feature Finder Infographic for Lexus RX - Panoramic Roof
The Lexus RX can now come with the Panoramic Roof option on the Premium Package as well as on the Luxury and F SPORT models. Here is how you can tell if that RX has the Panoramic Roof (the roof will look all black from the exterior).

Heads Up Display on Lexus RX
Color Heads Up Display can also come on every RX model and while most found on the Luxury Package and AWD FSPORT, it is also available on select Premium Package RX (that typically list for around $57K).

Standard vs. F SPORT RX

The Lexus RX 350 and RX 450h is available in an F SPORT model/package and comes with exclusive F SPORT design elements as well as exclusive Performance Drive Modes and an Adaptive Variable Suspension that lets you customize the shock absorber setting for improved ride comfort or reduced body lean as you enter and exit turns. You will know you’re looking at the RX F SPORT if you see the following features and design elements:

  • Bold F SPORT mesh grille and front spoiler
  • F SPORT exterior styling and badging including a rear valence
  • 20-inch split-10-spoke alloy wheels in Dark Graphite Finish
  • Performance-inspired instrumentation (MID is digital and will move)
  • Heated and Ventilated F SPORT front seats with enhanced bolsters
  • Perforated leather-trimmed F SPORT steering wheel and shift knob
  • Paddle Shifters
  • All-Black Headliner
  • Scored Aluminum Interior Trim
  • Aluminum Sport Pedals and Door-Sill Scuff plates
  • Cold-air intake with sound generator (RX 350)
  • Sport-tuned Adaptive Variable Suspension with Sport S+ mode, and sport-tuned Electronic Power Steering
  • Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management
  • Exclusive Rioja Red Interior

Lexus F SPORT infographic
F SPORT Feature Finder “tells” for the Lexus RX

2019 RX F SPORT at Lexus Dominion
2019 RX 350 F SPORT AWD with Triple Beam Lights, Navigation, Panoramic Roof, Panoramic Monitor and more.

Matador Red Lexus RX F SPORT at Lexus Dominion
2019 RX 350 F SPORT AWD with Triple Beam LEDs, Navigation, Pano Roof, Panoramic View Monitor and more.

2019 RX in Caviar Mica at North Park Lexus Dominion
Standard, Premium Package RX 350 with Navigation and Panoramic View Monitor in Caviar Mica

RX Model Infographic from Lexus Dominion
How to Tell if that RX is the RX 350, RX 450h, RX F SPORT or RX Luxury Package from a side viewing picture.

Infographic on 2019 RX Models from North Park Lexus Dominion
How to tell if you’re looking at the RX 350, RX 450h or RX F SPORT.

The Lexus RX is available now at North Park Lexus at Dominion and we have almost every single model year, package level and color in-stock. Call 210-816-6000 to schedule a test drive or view our extensive RX inventory selection online here.

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