What's the Difference?

January 12th, 2019 by

This year Lexus has introduced new models and several exciting updates to the existing Lexus line up that have not only changed the look but also the feature placement and go-to “tells” for determining a specific package level. For anyone that doesn’t have the opportunity to look at these gorgeous new cars every day, you may find it difficult to tell the difference between builds and options with only a quick look or glance at a picture online. As always, the team at Lexus Dominion is here to help so we’ve put together several comprehensive info-graphics on some of our most popular new Lexus that highlight the differences. Learn how to tell the difference and find your favorite feature on the 2019 UX, ES, NX, and GX here.

What’s the Difference: Lexus UX

2019 Lexus UX F SPORT

The Lexus UX is the newest addition to the Lexus model line-up and as we better acquainted with the super cute, versatile Lexus crossover SUV, we’ve picked up on a few quick ways to determine the package level.

Standard/Premium UX vs. UX F SPORT

This one will be easy for those familiar with the newer Lexus and the F SPORT models, but here you go.

The 2019 UX is bold and both the standard/premium UX and the F SPORT models offer dramatic lines, incredible lighting, and impressive wheels but how can you know for certain that you’re looking at the standard UX or the F SPORT model? Here’s what to look out for:

  • The grille and LED cornering lights on the F SPORT UX
  • Exclusive F SPORT exterior badging
  • F SPORT 18-inch split-five-spoke alloy wheels

Lexus UX.  Determine the model based on the picture.
What’s the Difference: Standard/Premium UX and UX F SPORT

Standard or Premium Package UX

Since the new UX is really built only a handful of ways, when you’re looking inside a non-F-Sport UX 200, you’ll be able to determine if that UX is the basic model with Blind Spot Monitor that lists for $34,903 or the Premium UX 200 with Heated and Ventilated Seats, Premium Package, Heated Steering Wheel and Park Assist that lists for $37,143 by looking out for a few key details.

Premium and Standard Packages on the 2019 UX infographic.
Look out for the climate controlled seat buttons (they light up when on) to find out if you’re looking at the Standard UX that lists for $34K or the Premium UX that lists for $37K.

Other key features and characteristics on the Lexus UX include the new Birch and Birch/Lapis interior options (Birch is a solid Gray with only a small accent across the chair whereas the Birch/Lapis is a Gray and Blue two-tone interior), the premium, and standard packages and the only UX with Navigation (at this time) – the F SPORT UX with Navigation. The following UX info-graphics help you determine which UX you’re looking at based on key characteristics and tells you where to look if you’re wanting a specific feature.

UX Infographic
Key characteristics to look out for inside the UX

Finding the features on the Lexus UX infographic
Feature finder for the Lexus UX

What’s the Difference: Lexus ES

Basic vs Premium Package ES 350
How to determine if that ES is the basic or premium package.

The Lexus ES comes with a large selection of options and packages that can be combined to create several builds that are both commonly available or more uniquely-tuned for ES buyers. Since the 2019 Lexus ES is built to include so many great standard features, it can be difficult to determine the package level from just a glance but, if you look out for key details like the wheel design and if you can see Park Assist sensors, you’ll be able to name that ES build like a pro. The first (above) and second ES info-graphic show you how to determine if the ES is the basic (no-option) build or the Premium ES 350 – both have a 9000 model code. We follow this up with comprehensive infographics illustrating the difference between the Premium (9000 model code) and Luxury models (9002 model code) and finally the Luxury (9002 model code) and Ultra Luxury ES (9004 model code) models.

Basic vs Premium ES 350 infographic
Interior details tell you if that ES is the basic or premium model.

Premium vs Luxury ES 350 infographic.
How to tell if that ES is the Premium or Luxury model.

Luxury vs Ultra Luxury ES 350 Infographic
How to tell if that ES is the Luxury or Ultra Luxury model

There are a couple of options that can go on almost any of the new ES models since they are individual adds or standard features that may or may not be on the ES based on its production date. Here’s where to look inside the 2019 ES 350 so you can determine if that ES has Head-Up Display, Apple CarPlay, and Panoramic View Monitor.

Feature finder infographic for 2019 Lexus ES 350.
How to determine if that ES has a specific feature – knowing where to look infographic.

What’s the Difference: Lexus NX 300

The Lexus NX is built in either the standard or F SPORT model, but those two models also include a few tell-tale characteristics that will help you find out even more about that specific NX 300. Find out if you’re looking at the standard or F SPORT NX and which package that NX has on it with these quick tips.

NX model and package level infographic.
The grille, lights and wheels will tell you the model and package level on the Lexus NX 300.

What’s the Difference: Lexus GX

The Lexus GX 460 has kept the same design for a few years, but you may still need to find out if a specific GX has the new Sport Design Package or just the F-SPORT wheel option and if a specific GX is a Premium, Luxury or Basic build. This comprehensive infographic shows you where to look so you can determine if that GX has the Sport Design Package, F SPORT wheel upgrade (and is not the “Sport Design”), Premium build grade (look at the wheels), Luxury with Driver Assist Package (hint, it has a camera on the front grille) or the Basic model (again, look at the wheels.)

GX package and build infographic.
Where to look so you can determine the equipment level on the Lexus GX 460.

Have a question on any other Lexus model, build or package option? Let us know in the comments section below or send us your request for another edition of “What’s the Difference” on your Lexus of choice by emailing [email protected] You can also view and shop for your new Lexus online at www.LexusDominion.com.